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My Current Favorite Foundation

Hi Guys! Foundation is a super important part of makeup. If it’s too sheer, you’ll see all the imperfections underneath, if it’s too greasy you’ll sweat your makeup off, if it’s too cakey you’ll look blotchy, if it dries too matte you’ll look 10 years older…….you get the point! It’s […]

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Before and After Video of me using Lilly Lashes!

Hi Guys! Here’s a quick little video montage from my Instagram story applying Lilly Lashes in a very natural style called “Goddess”. I often get emails from girls scared to try Lilly Lashes because they think they will be too dramatic on them. Our Luxury Collection of lashes were made particularly […]

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The Lilly Lashes WEDDING LASH!!!

For my special day, I designed a very special lash that we named the “Wedding Lash“. I wanted a lash that was dramatic enough to make my eyes pop in photos, but natural enough to not look over the top in real life. I couldn’t be happier with how it […]

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