How to Apply Lilly Lashes! (or ANY Lashes)

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I get so many emails and comments asking how to apply Lilly Lashes. For someone that has never worn false lashes, it does seem like a really daunting task- but I promise it isn’t!!

There’s a huge learning curve with applying lashes. At first you think- this is impossible to do myself, I need to have someone put them on me; but, once you actually try for yourself a few times, there will be a ‘ah ha!’ moment where you get it. From that moment on, it will be second nature to you, I can literally apply my own lashes while driving now lol- and for years I had other people put them on me because I didn’t think I could do it.

Here’s my easy Step by Step Guide on How to Apply Lashes

Step 1: Prepare your look! Curl your lashes. I use the Lilly Lashes Pink Bling on the Glam Curler, because I’m just extra like that lol. If you are applying mascara do so before applying your Lilly Lashes.

Click HERE to link to the Bling’ on the Glam Pink Crystal Encrusted Curler!

Step 2: Apply mascara to your natural lashes. You don’t have to wear mascara since you will have lashes on, but if you want some extra drama, apply mascara! If you are going to wear mascara, always apply it to your lashes before putting on your false lashes, this will extend the life of your falsies.

My personal favorite mascara is actually a drug store mascara called “Voluminous” Mascara in color Carbon Black, it is made by Loreal.

Step 3: Pick your lashes! My personal favorites right now are Lilly Lashes in style “Miami”, so that’s what I am using as I type out this tutorial.

CLICK HERE to check out all our styles!

Once you’ve selected a style and are ready to apply your Lilly lashes, carefully remove the lashes from the tray. Pull from the inner corner of the band of each eye, then carefully pull the rest of the lash off. Never grab or pull on the lashes themselves, always pull from the band of the lash.

 Step 4: Once you have the lashes out of the tray, you may need to cut them to your eye size. To do this, hold the lash up to your eye to measure for sizing. If the lash is longer than your natural eye shape, trim the lash accordingly, always cut the lashes from the inner corner of the lash.

To cut my lashes I use the Lilly Lashes Lash Rose Gold Scissors, but again you can use any small scissors.

 Step 4: Place a thin layer of glue on the band of the lash, allow it to dry for 30 seconds, then place the lash on top of your natural lash line. Be sure to put a little extra pressure on the inner and outer corners since those tend to lift.


I searched endlessly for a good glue, I found some to be too sticky- ripping my own lashes off when I pull the strip off at night- and others to not stick enough, causing my lash to lift off my eye during wear. After being endlessly unsatisfied, I developed Lilly Lashes Clear Lash Adhesive.

It literally took me over 2 years to develop because I wanted to get it perfect. If you guys are in search of a new glue- try it! You will not be disappointed.

CLICK HERE to check out the glue.

 Step 5: For ease in applying the lashes, you may want to try a lash applicator, we have developed the Lilly Lashes Perfect Lash Applicator to help make placing your lashes on the eye super easy.

I’m such a pro I usually use my hands now, but I used an applicator for years before I got confident and comfortable enough to do it without. If you’re just starting out, I recommend getting an applicator to make it easier.

Step 6: Removing your lashes! When you are done wearing them, carefully pull the strip off your eye starting from the inner corner. If you’re using Lilly Lashes, be sure to store them in the storage box the lashes came with as the lashes are reusable 25-30 times!


That’s it guys! It truly is super easy once you get the hang of it. As with anything else, practice makes perfect. I promise you, after a few tries you will have that “ah ha!” moment where you get it, and it becomes second nature to you after that.

Until that moment, follow these rules above!



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