Before and After Video of me using Lilly Lashes!

Hi Guys!

Here’s a quick little video montage from my Instagram story applying Lilly Lashes in a very natural style called “Goddess”. I often get emails from girls scared to try Lilly Lashes because they think they will be too dramatic on them.

Our Luxury Collection of lashes were made particularly for those that want a lighter lash look, or for us glam girls that love the heavy lash look, but want something more natural for the daytime (that’s me!)

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER using Lilly Lashes in style Goddess- I apply one eye at a time so you can really see the difference between my natural lashes, and the eye with the Lilly Lashes on. They truly are super natural!

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Lilly Ghalichi Mir

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  1. MsAValentin says:

    Lashes are fab for everyday or just for that special event. Miami are my favorite. I also like the Arika lash too.


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