My Blog is BACK!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

My name is Lilly Ghalichi Mir, and welcome to my blog. For those of you that used to follow me in my 2012 blogging days, WELCOME BACK!!!

I started restarted my Blog, and started a Youtube page, to get back in touch with you all and give the REAL me.

I am so excited to share my life with you guys again on a personal level, if there is anything you guys want me to blog about, or do a video on, comment it on this post by clicking the link at the top!!

Ahhh where do I begin. Lets see, since you guys last saw me on my blog I:

…Got on a Bravo Reality Show, The Shahs of Sunset

…Quit That Show

…Started my lash line, Lilly Lashes

…Launched Lilly Hair Clip in Extensions with Bellami Hair

…Partnered up to bring you guys affordable online retailer WantMyLook

…Developed HAIRtamin Hair Vitamins with my long time friend Leyla Milani

…Oh yeah, and THIS BITCH GOT MARRIED!!!!!

Lilly Ghalichi Mir Wedding

But that’s it’s own separate post all together..

My next post will be an “FAQ” where I will answer all your questions about me and what I’ve been up to since I last blogged-anything you want to know. Comment your questions by clicking the comment tab at the top of this post, and I’ll ask on social media too to get more questions.

I have missed you guys so much, welcome back!!!


Lilly Ghalichi Mir

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  1. I am soooo excited to watch your new videos!! I am 46 yrs old and am starting to see signs of aging, I definitely need fillers and botox and would love to get lip injections as well…. watching a beautiful woman get these procedures will definitely ease my fears…. I am all for improving ourselves in whichever way is possible to help us look and feel more confident ❤❤ love you Lilly!!

    • Ahh thank you so much Debra!! Aging isn’t fun I know first hand, but the hope is we can age as gracefully as possible! We are ALL going to age though, it’s actually a gift to be able to live long enough to experience it, so don’t take it hard 🙂

  2. Karen Lopez says:

    I just love your lashes ! I’ve been following you for the longest and happy that you started your blog again ! You and I have the same skin complexion and so happy that you are sharing about foundations and makeup things. It’s so rare to see reviews on foundations and products on my skin tone ! btw studio fix fluid is my favorite foundation too ! i’m the same color nc42 and 44 when i’m tanned lmao ! i’m so excited can’t wait for more !

  3. MsAValentin says:

    Hi doll. Your my absolute favorite person on Shahs. I was super sad when you left. You have inspired me to stay fit and be glamorous like you. Keep doing what you are doing. What happen to your swimsuit company? I also wanted to say congratulations on getting married. You look super happy and he seems to not mind your social media life. Which is super fabulous. Hope you get back to me. Stay sexxxy.

  4. Hello ! Congratulmations for all you’ve accomplished, your wedding, your lashes and extension business ! I admired you in “Shas of sunset”, you were the only reason I watched the show.I think you’re kind, sweet, clever, funny, hard-worker, smart, beaitiful, glamourous, and lovely. When you left the show, I was relieved not to see you deal with such situations and didn’t watch the show anymore. But I wanted to see you again, so thank you for blogging ! So happy to read your blog ! And lots of joy and love for your wedding !

    (sorry if my english is bad, I’m french)

    Kisses from France !

  5. Zilmy says:

    Thank Goodness your blog is back! Loving your YouTube videos

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