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Hi Guys!

Foundation is a super important part of makeup. If it’s too sheer, you’ll see all the imperfections underneath, if it’s too greasy you’ll sweat your makeup off, if it’s too cakey you’ll look blotchy, if it dries too matte you’ll look 10 years older…….you get the point!

It’s no secret I love makeup, and it’s no secret I love heavy makeup. I often get asked what my favorite foundation is, and I think many of you will be surprised to know it is none other than Mac Cosmetics, Studio Fix Fluid.

The foundation is full coverage, has SPF 15, and offers a really pretty finish. The best part about the foundation for me is that it is build-able- meaning you can add a 2nd or 3rd layer of it, and it will blend nicely OR you can add a different type of foundation underneath or on top and it will still blend nicely.

When a foundation isn’t build-able, if you put too much or mix it with another type, you get cakey, flakey anything but flawless skin. For every day I just wear one layer of Studio Fix, for going out at night I apply 2 layers. I apply the first layer of foundation before I do anything else, then I do my brows and eyes, and then I apply a second layer.

I personally mix colors NC42 and NC44. If I’m tan (either been to the beach or got a spray tan), I only use color NC44. To the contrary, if it’s December and I’m super pale (pale for me…) then I’ll only use color NC42. However, I usually am something in between the two, so I mix the two foundations to get my perfect color.

MAC offer 42 shades of this particular foundation (which is awesome, I hate brands that only carry light shades), and the best way to find out which one is perfect for you is to visit a Mac Counter and have them color match you.

There you have it, my not so secret favorite foundation! I want you guys to know that this is NOT an ad, this is truly my favorite foundation.



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  1. LILLY! I’m so excited that you’ve started blogging again! I used to read your blog waaayyyy back before you were kn Shahs and had Have Faith swimgerie. It’s been amazing seeing you flourish since then. Also congrats for getting a ring on it giiirlll! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  2. MsAValentin says:

    Hi doll, have you ever use La Girl foundation? What do uou think of it? Which drugstore foundation products do you like?


  3. Shah says:

    So glad you’re posting again! Would love to know your skincare regimen (facial / body) your skin always looks amazing!

  4. Gloryofhenna says:

    MAC is my top favorite foundation too and I use exactly the same shades NC 42 and 44 based on seasons !
    During my India visit I tried NC 43.5 which worked great , unfortunately 43.5 shade is available in India and Middle East , not avalanche here in US.

  5. Anna says:

    Thanks for making this post AD free and honest. Way too many bloggers are posting whatever they can just to get paid and losing credibility.

  6. Angela says:

    Hi, Lilly! So happy for you that you’ve found Mr. Right and are doing so well. Will try your favorite foundation. Could I request for you to do a blog entry or two about being an entrepreneur? I’d love to learn more about your tips or advice on running a successful business. Would also be interested to know your greatest challenges and how you overcame them. I love how you’re a fantastic businesswoman, wife, daughter and friend. Wishing you even more success and happiness.

  7. Angela says:

    Oh, I’m not sure if it’s true, but I read that you’re building a house! I love real estate and would be thrilled if you could share a little bit of your home construction journey with us – how you chose your property, your architect, what style your home will be. Thanks very much in advance!

  8. Anna says:

    What’s your favorite primer to go with this?

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