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You Wont Believe How I Cleared My Acne

Believe it or not, there was a time when I had terrible, horrible, no good very bad skin. Today I am blessed with beautiful clear skin, but acne has definitely been a struggle in my life. I am grateful every day for my now clear skin. I was a senior […]

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My Current Favorite Foundation

Hi Guys! Foundation is a super important part of makeup. If it’s too sheer, you’ll see all the imperfections underneath, if it’s too greasy you’ll sweat your makeup off, if it’s too cakey you’ll look blotchy, if it dries too matte you’ll look 10 years older…….you get the point! It’s […]

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Prick-Laser-Poke! Visiting the Dermatologist

Hi Everyone! I visited my Cosmetic Dermatologist (and dear friend!) Dr. Shirazi yesterday in San Diego (yes, I drove from LA to SD to see her, that’s how much I trust her). Here I am heading out for the drive! I took my video camera with me and taped all […]

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