The Lilly Lashes WEDDING LASH!!!

For my special day, I designed a very special lash that we named the “Wedding Lash“.

wedding lash

Wearing the “Wedding Lash”

I wanted a lash that was dramatic enough to make my eyes pop in photos, but natural enough to not look over the top in real life. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

I spent a lot of time designing this one. I went with a flare lash, which means the lash is longer at the ends, to give the eye a really beautiful almond shape. I made the lash 3D, which means the lash is 3 Dimensional. The hairs are not all in a straight, uniform line, that makes the lash look really fake on.

Instead, the lash has life, some hairs curl up, some are more straight- they are fluttery and gorgeous, just like natural lashes are.

I wanted the Wedding Lash to come in a really special keepsake box so that on your wedding day you could proudly display it in your vanity while you got ready, and you could use it to keep it in forever after.

We designed a box that mimics an engagement ring box, only when you open it you find your beautiful Lashes inside around a diamond!! Inside the box is one of my favorite love quotes by Persian Poet Rumi. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I still keep my box in my closet today.

Here’s a video of the box:

The lash obviously isn’t just for weddings, but I wanted to call it the Wedding Lash and have it come in the limited edition keepsake box in honor of having been designed for my own wedding. It’s such a pretty lash, you can really wear it for any occasion.

The Lilly Lashes Wedding Lash

The night before my wedding, I wore the wedding lash double stacked for a super dramatic look! Here’s how that looked:


Whether you get it for yourself, or for a friend, I hope it brings you as much love and joy as it did for me on my wedding day. Every girl deserves to look and feel like a princess on her special day. And, if you’re single, keep believing that you will find your special love and life partner- the harder you believe in it, the faster it will happen

I hope you all find a love that makes life worth living.

CLICK HERE to grab a pair of the Wedding Lash by Lilly Lashes. Disclaimer: As a limited edition style, once they’re sold out, they’re gone forever.


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  1. MsAValentin says:

    Hi darling. I think you should do a video on YouTube of you doing your makeup yourself on camera. No makeup artist help. Just you.


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